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The Christian Songwriting Organization was founded in the 1990's and started as a simple Usenet e-mail forum. It grew over the years and took many different shapes as the web evolved into what it is today. The principal of the groups remains the same though. Christian Songwriters from around the world getting together to discuss songwriting, tips, critiques, sharing input and ideas and helping each other write the very best songs they can to praise our very deserving Lord. This site is part of our calling card, but please join us on Facebook where most of the interaction happens now. Click here to join our group! There is no cost. Just friends helping each other and fellowshipping about music and writing music. Join our free Facebook group.

Christian Songwriting Organization

The Christian Songwriting Organization is simply a group of songwriters from all over the world who have gotten together since the mid-1980's to fellowship and help each other become the best songwriters they can be for His glory. We share songwriting tips, ideas, we critique each other and offer insights to help each other improve. If this is something you are excited about join our Facebook Group today and join the fun! There is no cost. We simply ask you to help others with your input on their songs also. We are all in this together and we believe everyone has an opinion that can be shared to assist another writer. So don't be shy, jump in!

Amazing things are going on with our Facebook Group right now. Watchmewednesday's critique sessions and so much more. Check it out here and join today for free!


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