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Free articles await you and all you have to do is sign up to receive them. We're here to help you as a Christian Songwriter so take advantage of a host of free articles, tips and more at our site Christian Songwriting Organization.

Songwriting basics
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Song critiques

Song critiques help the Christian songwriter learn and get ideas on how to improve their songs. Be open to song critiques as they will certainly help you sharpen your craft of writing the best songs you can. Be sure to offer song critiques on other people's songs lyrics also as that helps them but also will actually help you learn more about songwriting by examining other peoples songs and lyrics closely. Have your songs critiqued.

Songwriting discussions

Christian Songwriting discussions happen daily on our songwriting discussion board with songwriters from all over the world. Join today at no charge and start sharing your songs and ideas on songwriting. Songwriting discussions are a lot of fun and a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Join the songwriting discussion board here. You'll register and then have access to the entire discussion board.

Songwriting forum

Our Songwriting forum is free of charge and a great way to meet other songwriters, share your lyrics and get input on your music. Visit our Songwriting forum here. Our forum is very active and you have many categories to post within. Check out our songwriting forum here. You'll find our songwriting forums to be one of the friendliest and most active around. We've had the forum going for well over a decade.

Songwriting group

Our Songwriting group at writing songs has been around since 1998. Many sites come and go but we've been here almost a decade and a half. Visit the Songwriting group here. Our group consists of songwriters, lyric writers and music writers and basic musicians. If you are looking for a co writer this is the place to find one also. If you are just looking for input and advice on how to improve your songwriting then this group will help you immensely.

Songwriting club

Many songwriters are looking for Songwriting clubs. The nice part of writings songs website is a virtual Songwriting club where you can interact with songwriters from all over the world as often or sporadic as you have time for. Our online songwriting club. Our club ranges from experienced to the most novice writers. Feel free to learn, share advice and tips with our members.

We are a Christian group assembled to discuss Christian Songwriting.


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Free article: Songwriting Basics

Find out the top 10 mistakes most songwriters make and quickly improve your songwriting with these free songwriting tips. Click here to have the article e-mailed to you.



Rhyming dictionary

Every songwriter simply must have a rhyming dictionary. Avoid the cliche night/light rhymes and improve your lyrics using this rhyming dictionary.

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