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What do I do with my songs?

If you're looking to sell your songs, you need to get them out to people. Going to Nashville, LA etc. is considered the best way and getting face to face with these publishers, artists, recording companies. Another way is to mail them your demos. The songwriters market book is the best I've seen for that information. It lists addresses, phone numbers, web sites, e-mail addresses for many industry contacts as well as how they want you to submit information and what type of songs they're looking for. It does not list artists though. Publishers, recording companies, etc. is what you'll find along with tips on how to submit a good demo and look professional with your demo.

2008 Songwriter's market book released!

There's no better resource for songwriters than the 2008 Songwriter's Market. Updated every single year, it porvides all the information you need to reach the music industry movers and shakers that can make your career. Inside you'll find more than 1,200 listings for every kind of music, including Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Gospel and Country.
Sale Price only $19.99 Click here to see this and many other songwriting books!

Also consider the "Songwriting Fundamentals by Dave Byers. Click the book cover below for more information.



Complete music store online!

When you need equipment contact DC Music Store. DC Music is a Christian business that has all you need including songwriting books, recording equipment, instruments and more all at guaranteed low prices. DC Music is "The musician's Store."


Free article: Songwriting Basics

Find out the top 10 mistakes most songwriters make and quickly improve your songwriting with these free songwriting tips. Click here to have the article e-mailed to you.



Rhyming dictionary

Every songwriter simply must have a rhyming dictionary. Avoid the cliche night/light rhymes and improve your lyrics using this rhyming dictionary.

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