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Free articles await you and all you have to do is sign up to receive them. We’re here to help you as a Christian Songwriter so take advantage of a host of free articles, tips and more at our site Christian Songwriting Organization.

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The Christian Songwriting Organization started with humble roots as a Usenet group back in 1997. Over the years the group used various forums and e-mail list formats. Today the group corresponds on Facebook. So we invite you to join us and join our Facebook Group.

Join songwriters from around the world and talk about songwriting. Share your songs, listen to others songs. Critique and be critiqued. At the CSO we encourage each other, lift each other up and do what we can to offer outside input.You will suprised how much fun you will have, how many interesting people you will meet who have similar aspirations and how much your songwriting will improve.

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Free article: Songwriting Basics

Find out the top 10 mistakes most songwriters make and quickly improve your songwriting with these free songwriting tips. Click here to have the article e-mailed to you.

Rhyming dictionary

Every songwriter simply must have a rhyming dictionary. Avoid the cliche night/light rhymes and improve your lyrics using this rhyming dictionary.

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